Asar-Re (Osiris) God of all Creation

Only a Fool duck when the truth is thrown at them.

Paa neb tem -Hati Imiut Atum

welcome to Egyptian Creation

I'm Hon.Rev.Dr. Don. William West I Manuel Also known as Hati Imiut Atum. I was born October 30 1978. Blood type O negative. I have a BBA from King University. I decend from upper and lower Egypt and the Bushmen pygmies of South Central Africa.  I'm from the descendants of West, Central, and South  Eastern Europe and the British Isles also of the Igbo tribe of Africa.  I started my studies at the age of 9. I have lived as a Moorish Jew, Muslim, and Christian.  I have a lifetime of learning and experience in the religious, scientific, and Egyptology fields. I have entered many higher learning mystic orders. I'm a freemason of the Nuwaubian Grand lodge and affiliated with the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Egypt, Rosicrucians, Sons of the green light, AMOM, Per Ntr Kmt, The Ancient Egyptian Order. I'm The Supreme high Priest of The Holy Osirian Church of The Christ.  I'm an ordained minister of Universal science from Universal Life Church.  Also have a life experience doctorate degree in Metaphysics. TAKE A JOURNEY WITH ME BACK IN OUR STORY.