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Atum Ah Nun Re

Tem, Temu. The great creator of all; known in On, the city known to the Greeks as Heliopolis, Atum is generally depicted anthropomorphically, wearing the dual crown of Upper, and Lower Alkemi, sometimes leaning on a staff to indicate advanced age. Atum’s name provides the key to his nature; it carries the sense of totality, of finishing, and of negation. Atum is the totality which evolves or develops as a work upon itself, and through the interaction, and articulation of its elements. A description whose etymology denotes "completion" or "ultimacy". Father of the Sedjet or the original Ennead. Self-grown as Ra, and infested in all creation as Asar. A well made mold of dark light into dark matter.

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Darkness Is The Father Of Light!

Don't Let This Hell's Angels Fool You!

Darkness is not bad, wrong, or evil. An expression of behavior is determined by personality, and choice. 

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