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Hon. Rev. Dr. William M. West

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Divine Love is at the heart of it all!

The First of Firsts Mind Before Time

I'm Agu Chiazor of the original tribe of Igbo. Mitochondrial maternal genetic pure O negative blood line of upper, and lower Kemet Egypt. A holy spiritual teacher of divine love, divine truth, peace, and happiness. Divine love saves. Peace brings hope. Happiness dwell within a mind of peace. Sovereign of the Isis Egyptian Lodge of Eastern Jurisdiction. Holder of the Memphis Rite. Master of black Lodge of Nun of, old ancient Zerah grandfather of King David; my royal surname of Manuel of Tarazona, Spain. Prophecy Revelation Chapter 22:16 As the morning star Sirius rise at the south pole representing Osiris the sun of Psalm 84:11

Divine Truth Is Blind of Mortal Indifferences 

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